termite control

At Pasumai We are a specialist in providing complete termite control services in Trichy. Our skilled technicians employ modern techniques and eco-friendly treatments to eliminate termites and safeguard your property from further destruction. 

By proactively addressing the root causes of termite infestations and implementing effective preventive measures, we can guarantee the long-term security and structural integrity of your business or home.

Why Termite Control Is Essential?

Termite control is crucial to protect your home from the destructive power of these vicious insects. If you spot any indications of damage caused by termites, swift intervention is vital. In the absence of action, the issue could cause the spread of the problem, causing more the damage to structures and floors above the ground. 

Termites, as a species of insects, possess the unique ability to digest cellulose, a key component of dead plant materials like paper and wood. This dietary specialization drives their destructive habits. They establish their intricate colonies in the soil, often venturing above ground in search of food sources and suitable shelter. Consequently, they can infiltrate homes and businesses, silently consuming wooden structures and potentially compromising the structural integrity of entire buildings.

Our Specialties

Free on-site inspection

No Chemical Poisoning

No Bad Smell

Performed by Trained Technicians

Guaranteed Results

Safety, Health & Environment Policies.

Why Choose us?

We’re professionals who take pride in providing you with quality pest control services. We provide innovative services to promote safety, health & environment in our approach towards pest control.

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